Private equity software advisory


  • 4vco is the leading provider of consultancy services to private equity operations and wanted to develop its twice yearly showcase event PESS as the major event for vendors to the private equity sector


  • Communicate the key message that no other event offers access to so many leading vendors in one place by setting up a media relations and social media infrastructure
  • Drive engagement of software providers and other vendors with PESS through a focused media relations programme
  • Position PESS as the pre-eminent must attend event for private equity operations


  • The PESS Showcase events in New York and London have welcomed over 900 private equity professionals from 350 PE firms across the globe in the last four years
  • Importance and influence of PESS showcase underlined by the fact that 50% of delegates agreed that the quality of software/services on display was higher than expected with a favourable ratio of 7:1
  • High level of attendee satisfaction with over 50% agreeing that the event had increased the likelihood of investing in the vendors participating