Venture Capital Fund


  • To develop TMT’s profile against a backdrop of very few listed peers and communicate the dynamics of investing in unlisted, promising early stage companies through a listed company on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM)


  • Develop core materials and factsheet, social media channels, explain specific terminology and media training set up.
  • Focus on educating target audiences on TMT’s highly diversified portfolio of over 30 later early stage companies via highly specific targeting of relevant reporters
  • Establish one to one relationships with key media, develop attendance at private investor events and maintain all-round co-ordination of news flow from a diversified portfolio


  • Core group of media followers created, leading to profiling and coverage in target media
  • Managed news flow around exits and new investments to generate long-term investor interest
  • Share price trading in line with Net Asset Value (NAV)
  • Explaining the dynamics of identifying, selecting and investing in a diversified portfolio of over 40 early stage internet companies

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